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Leschinsky Leonid Abramovich
Was born 26.05.45 in Birobidzhan. In 1966 has finished the Khabarovsk teacher''''s college, worked as the teacher of physics, the director of studies. In 1983 to me have appropriated a rank "teacher-methodologist". In 1992 has finished postgraduate study at the Ukranian language of scientific research institute of Pedagogics, but, in connection with departure to Israel, protection of the dissertation has refused. Scientific interests - intuition, creative inspiration, insajt. It was published in magazines: " Physics at school ", "Quantum", in scientifically-methodical collections, in regional newspapers. Acted at seminars and conferences in cities: Moscow, Kiev, Riga, Poltava, Chernigov, Dubna, Elista, etc. In Israel I am published in comic appendices of newspapers in Russian.
It is married, I have the son, the daughter, the son-in-law,daughter-in-law , three grand daughters and the grandson.
After repeated attempts to receive the invitation to rates of teachers from idea has refused and has gone to work on a factory where I check condensers. If at you Will be faulty a fluorescent lamp, the conditioner or a refrigerator - know, it is my work.
Last scientific article " Induced mikroinsajt " which has not had time to publish has tested on the grandsons and on itself. That will be with them I do not know, and I have started to give out literary works on what you and I congratulate.

The basic publications:
Technique of physics:
Physics and formation of materialistic outlook. 1967, the regional newspaper;
About use of creative problems. Physics at school, 1981, ? 5.
Training of senior pupils to skill to apply general scientific principles of knowledge / in the co-authorship/, Physics at school, 1982, ? 2.
It is given ? It is required to define ? / in the co-authorship/, Quantum, 1983, ? 2
About system of work of the teacher in formation of the general o?aaii-cognitive skills of pupils / in the co-authorship/. Methodical recommendations. Voroshilovgrad, 1985.
The scientific organization of work at carrying out of a practical work on the physicist. Materials of conference. Riga. 1986.
The organization of complete perception of a teaching material on the basis of allocation of system of physical laws. In sb. Integration of didactic units. Elista. 1987.
To learn skill to study in the co-authorship/. Kiev. 1987.
The right to creativity. 1988, the regional newspaper.
Exercises for development of intuitive forms of cognitive processes. In sb. Theses of performances at an all-Union seminar: Psychology to reorganization of school. M. 1989.
Formation of concept "law" in a rate of physics UP of a class. Physics at school, 1989, ? 6.
Intuitive components of problems on the physicist. In sb. Theses of reports at an all-Union seminar: Development of creative abilities of pupils in after-hour work on the physicist, Chernigov, 1991.
Hi the poet, in the almanac " the Wreath to Yesenin " 2, Ryazan, 2004.
And also numerous publications in comic appendices of the Israeli newspapers in Russian:
"7-40", "SHmul", "Satirikon".
Publications in literary portals:
http: //
http: // author_id=416
http: // leon45
http: // Leonid~Leshchinsky

The basic awards:

The letter EXPERT AN the USSR, 1964.
Letter Oblono, 1972.
The honourable diploma of NPA of the USSR, 1983.
Letter of thanks IUU, 1984.
The diploma of the participant of 1 republican methodical festival the Lesson - physicists-89.
The letter of the winner of republican methodical festival the Lesson of physics - 89.
Letter of thanks IUU, 1990.
* * *
The diploma of the winner of competition of poetry " Northern lyre ", 2004
The diploma: Aspiration to True
On results of competition " This obstinate lady - destiny ", 2004
The diploma. The prize-winner of 2-nd stage of the Second International literary competition " All royal host ". 2 place in a nomination epigrammy, parodies, a fable, 2005
The diploma. The prize-winner of the Third stage of the Second International literary competition " All royal host "
Nomination: Epigrammy, parodies, a fable
Place: 2,2005
The diploma. The prize-winner of the Fourth stage of the Second International literary competition " All royal host "
Nomination: Civil lyrics
" The NEW contemporary " Is accepted In The international union of writers

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